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The company DROESCH (hereinafter KIVAHOO) whose head office located at 37, Jeanne Street in Ormesson Sur Marne 94490, presents its confidentiality policy concerning the KIVAHOO website. Its purpose is to inform you of its practices regarding the use and processing of the information you provide to the KIVAHOO website.
2.1. KIVAHOO keeps:

- Personal data
Your personal data is collected compulsorily through the opening of the account. This is your name, surname, pseudonym, phone numbers, email address, password, sex, spoken language.   If you are a driver, we also collect certain bank details: IBAN and BIC code which allow us to transfer the amount received by KIVAHOO from the passengers for the participation.   We also collect certain optional information such as photography, biography, brand, model and power of the vehicle you will use.

- The mails that you exchange with KIVAHOO and the other users.

- The description of the carpools you do.

- Payment data
Payments are made through a payment platform. KIVAHOO does not keep any personal payment data.

- Information about your adventures
KIVAHOO keeps the comments and the photos that you transmit to him to narrate your adventures during the carpools.

- The appreciations
KIVAHOO retains the ratings you leave on the drivers and / or passengers participating in carpooling trips. These are intended to graduate the quality of carpools and memberships.

- Connection data
When connecting to the website, KIVAHOO collects the data specific to the material you use, namely the IP address, the type and version of the internet browser, the type of media (computer, tablet, phone ). This information is intended for the quality of presentation of the web pages that KIVAHOO sends you.

-Information about your navigation
KIVAHOO keeps the history of your navigation on the platform, the schedules of the consultations, the duration of the consultations, the names of the pages consulted.
2.2. Shelf life of your personal data
Personal data is stored on the KIVAHOO platform. If you no longer use the platform and have closed your account, your data is kept for another year.   If you no longer use the platform without having closed your account, your personal data is kept for five years.   Billing data (payments and refunds) are kept for ten years.   The tax data are kept for six years.
The information collected is only used to provide you with the service you expect from the KIVAHOO platform, ie linking KIVAHOO community members, presentation of proposed carpooling routes, reservation of seats, confirmations booking, setting up alerts, receiving payments, sending refunds, updating profiles, communication between members and with KIVAHOO, sending SMS and emails, sending advertising messages, information about changes to terms of use of KIVAHOO.
4.1. In order to make easier the relationship between the members of the community when the platform takes care of the reception of the payments and the refunds, KIVAHOO is brought to transmit your name, first name, telephone number and email.
4.2. Carpool rides information is published to all members. To know :
- your pseudonym   - your photograph if you have already sent it to KIVAHOO   - the name of the cities, the addresses, the name of the countries of the various carpool stages (departure, intermediate stages and arrival).   - the dates and times of departure, passage and arrival.   - preferences for reception in vehicles   - the make and model of the vehicle   - the amount of the participation.

4.3 Payment information
Information such as your surname, first name, email address, cities and country of residence are sent to the payment platforms and only for payment or reimbursement.

4.4 Mandatory Disclosure

In certain cases of complaint, derogation or complaint the data may be disclosed with the strictest parsimony and respect for the rights of the persons concerned.   In case of sale of the site, the information will be transferred to the new acquirer provided that its confidentiality policy and its general conditions of use are in line with those of KIVAHOO.

4.5 Cookies

Cookies are small files recorded during your connection to facilitate your navigation. These files do not affect your computer. They allow you to be logged in and not have to reconnect when KIVAHOO recognizes you as a known visitor.
By continuing to browse the site, you implicitly accept the use of cookies.
5. Your rights to your personal data that we keep

Access to your personal data:
You can receive a copy.

Deletion and correction of your personal data:
You can ask for their removal or their possible rectification. We will, however, keep the data in the cases provided for in paragraph 5.

You may object at any time to their processing for purposes other than those necessary for the operation of KIVAHOO.

Limitation of your personal data:
In the case where you dispute the accuracy or improper use and illegal, you can limit the treatments.

Repair of your personal data:
In case of non-respect of your rights, the European legislation allows you to seize the competent supervisory authority or to ask for compensation from the competent courts.

Portability of your personal data:
You have the right to receive them in an easily usable format and to transmit them to any other entity of your choice.
For any additional information or exercise of the aforementioned rights, you can contact the Data Protection Officer (delprotdon @

KIVAHOO is committed to protecting your data in accordance with European legislation.

This Privacy Policy may be subject to change, correction, addition or deletion. You will be informed of these. You can accept them or refuse them. Refusing them will close your account.
To contact KIVAHOO about their privacy policy, please follow the 'contact us' link at the bottom of the KIVAHOO homepage.

Updated Version October 30, 2018